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Thermal Management

The VIATOR Thermal Management System (TMS) boasts the most advanced, compact, and efficient hybrid and EV thermal control ever developed. It is built from the ground up for the electrification and hybridization of heavy-duty equipment. The TMS automatically heats and cools all system components, including the vehicle cabin, battery, power electronics, hydraulics, and motors. Waste heat is moved to where it is needed and not lost to atmosphere due to our patent pending heat pump architecture making this the most efficient and compact thermal management system ever.


Completely ruggedized and automotive level design provides your complete hybrid or
battery-powered vehicle thermal management needs.

  • CAN J1939 / LIN
  • Quick Connects
  • BLDC Pumps
  • Hybrid or EV Ready
  • Heat Pump Option
  • PTC Auxillary Option
  • Anti-Vibration System
  • 24v dc to 800v dc
  • Power-on-demand
  • Integrated sensors
  • Continual temperature monitoring
  • Proportional EXV Valves
  • Integrated controller
  • Low / High coolant level sensors
  • Construction / Mining / Agricultural
  • Plug & Play with Viator System
  • Scalable and Flexible

Thermal Management System

Viator Smart Manifold

A completely integrated smart coolant manifold provides cost effective control and management of all vehicle heating and cooling ystems. With a heat-pump based achetecture that is only found on the the most advanced automotive EVs today, the Viator Smart Manifold optimizes all thermal management considerations automatically.

Draco Valve

Draco Valve

Our purpose-built Draco Valves proportionally control the coolant to each circuit. This allows precise temperature and flow control to each vehicle component to ensure optimum efficiency at all times.

System Overview



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