Xirro is proud to sponsor the 3rd Design and Development of Zero-Emission Off-Highway Machinery Conference in Chicago on December 7th and 8th! SEE CONFERENCE INFO

If you are attending, be sure to stop by our table and learn more about our Viator e-power system.

Learn all about the hybrid and electric technologies that are coming to our industry. There will be a ton of industry experts giving presentations.

The market share of electric drives continues to rise significantly across all vehicle segments, especially in non-road mobile machinery or industrial vehicles. Regulatory affairs and social concerns to cut CO2 emissions have made the future widespread use of zero-CO2 solutions inevitable for OEMs and end users and hence, are moving towards electrification.

After the success of our zero-emission NRMM events in 2021 and 2022, we are electrified to bring our ‘3rd Design and Development of Zero-Emission Off-Highway Machinery Hybrid Summit’ #DZOM to the USA on Dec 7-8, 2023 in the beautiful city of Chicago, Illinois.

This conference was established to give enterprises a platform to cement their presence in the industry by exchanging their experience and opinions and by providing a space for solution providers to network with the OEMs and discuss the current trends and challenges to reduce their collective carbon footprint via various conference sessions including an interactive panel discussion, case studies, etc.

The event will cover the latest developments and trends in electric Off-Highway machinery and industrial vehicles. What challenges are OEMs facing towards the move to electrification? What can be the impact of new regulations on product development? Innovative trends in batteries and charging infrastructure; How to overcome the challenges associated with the design of fuel cell powered powertrain through hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) techniques and other model-based methodologies? A deep insight into thermal management solutions, hydraulic systems, electric drive-trains, E-drive components, hydrogen technologies, and alternative fuel solutions are the topics to name a few but don’t lay stagnant with.

Come and join us in the vibrant city of Chicago on Dec 7-8 this year to get more in-depth insights into the industry from top-notch R&D professionals, VPs, CTOs, technical/engineering directors, senior engineers, and many more affiliated to off-highway machinery-producing companies, research institutes, agriculture/construction/mining companies, and regulatory bodies.

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