Terzo speaks at Diesel Progress Summit

Becky Schultz – Diesel Progress

Terzo talks about hybrid architecture on off-highway vehicles

(Image Credit – Diesel Progress / KHL)

At his last presentation as outgoing CEO of Terzo Power Systems, the company he founded in 2014 to develop compact and efficient hydraulic technology, Mr. Terzo discusses how hybrid systems will provide significant benefits when deployed onto off-highway, heavy-duty vehicles. Mr. Terzo discussed the reasons why traditional hydraulic systems are highly inefficient and are ready for a revolutionary improvement when integrated with hybrid powertrains. Mr. Terzo recently exited Terzo Power Systems to focus the complete system development for OEMs with the Viator technology from Monocerus.

During the presentation, Mr. Terzo provided details on current battery trends and pricing along with studies that are showing the difficulty for the industry to provide purely battery powered heavy equipment.

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Xirro is addressing this issue by providing a complete hybrid and electric solution that solves the disadvantages of traditional systems and allows both hybrid and battery-electric power to be implemented cost effectively on OEM vehicle platforms.


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