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Xirro is taking a first-principles, clean sheet approach to solving the challenges facing OEM heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers as they work to integrate new electrification technology. As part of our road map on how to accelerate off-highway technology, we are focused on both a strong connection with our end users, customers, partners, shareholders, and employees – but also a strong connection to the planet.

Our Mission

To enable the cost-competitive electrification and hybridization of off-highway equipment.

Our Vision

To become the most trusted and compelling provider of advanced technology for heavy duty equipment by providing innovation and value to machine platforms.

Our Journey

Xirro is positioned to step ahead of OEM’s competition with next-generation solutions that are cost effective, high performance, and reliable to meet the global pressures of emission regulations.



Hybrid: The Bridge to the Future

While much of the push toward zero emissions centers on pure EV technology, this approach cannot yet deliver the range and power required on many off-highway applications. Therefore, we have developed our technology to utilize hybrid OR battery electric power. This advanced architecture, which combines the best aspects of EV and internal combustion technology, allows the Viator system to meet the needs of current customers while also future proofing vehicle systems.

Construction equipment needs to make money from day one. Hybrid systems provide a vital bridge to the future for heavy-duty vehicles. They offer green solutions now with true power-on-demand that can handle rugged off-road conditions.

Xirro Delivers

Xirro’s hybrid systems deliver efficiency, productivity and lower
cost of ownership while enabling:

  • Operation in ecologically sensitive work sites
  • Longer operation in urban, noise restricted environments
  • Emission-free operation indoors and in underground mines
  • Zero emissions operation where required
  • Significantly reduced global CO2 emissions

Leading the Revolution

Xirro is working alongside a group of key stakeholders to build the Indiana Off-Highway Vehicle Electrification Center (INOVEC), an ecosystem that will help accelerate the adoption of electric and hybrid off-highway vehicle technologies. The group seeks to make Indiana a leading hub for off-highway vehicle and manufacturing innovation.

Xirro and Inovec

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